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How Succesful Are Dental Implants?


Dental Implants are the most successful and healthy option to replace teeth. They do not require the multilation of adjacent teeth and are permanent and can be treated just like normal teeth. Implants are not fail safe, however. They require careful treatment planning and expert placement to ensure their success.

Sometimes, after an implant is placed the bone around it does not fuse to implant surface like it should, more technically, osseointegrate, and the implant will come out. This usually occurs within the first few weeks to months of placement. If this happens to occur, many times the site can heal and the implant can be reattempted in a few months. Most implants that are replaced are successful and do not require future treatment.

Sometimes, after the implant has been in function with a crown placed, bone around the implant can be lost due to infection. Infections around implants can be caused by many things but primarily are caused by bacteria that fester between the gums and the implant. Bone loss around an implant is referred to as, peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis can lead to an ailing or a failing implant. An ailing implant is one where there is some bone loss, but no pain or mobility of the implant. In this case, disinfection and bone grafting around the implant may be needed to extend the life and health of the implant and keep it from failing. A failing implant is one that  is characterized by more than 50% bone loss with pain and mobility present. A failing implant usually requires the removal of the implant and in most cases reimplantation after a certain healing period.

Studies and research of dental implants going out 30 plus years give implants a success of 95%. This figure is coming under more scrutiny, as more and more dentists are placing implants without the right training and experience. It is important as both a patient and a consumer that you question who the best practitioner to place your implant would be. We, at Periodontal Specialists, have been placing thousands of implants for decades. We were required to have three years of training in the placement and the science of dental implant placement. We are the most knowledgeable about success and treatment of ailing and failing implants. We would love to consult with you about your options and give you the best functioning implants possible.


Buying a Dental Implant Should Be A Lot Like Buying A Car


There are many manufacturers of dental implants just like there are many manufacturers of cars. It is important as a consumer to do your research and ask your dentist or Periodontist what type of implants they place and what they are familiar with when placing a crown or restoring the implant. There are around 4-5 “major” manufacturers of implants and just like a car they all come with different features and advantages. It is important to discuss with your Periodontist why they place what they place and the history of research that backs up their choice. It is important to know that there are many “off brand” dental implant manufacturers which offer implants at a lower fee to the surgeon and discounted parts. Make sure to know if your surgeon is placing these “off brands” and make sure to tell your surgeon that you want an implant that was made by a reputable company with research to back up their success. Dental implants are as much as an investment as a car is, but unlike a car implants don’t have a warranty, so it is important to ask your surgeon if the implant fails what kind of policies they have to protect you the consumer. We, at Periodontal Specialists, would love to discuss your options with you, talk about the implants we place, and go over our policies if something were to happen to your implant. We strive to provide the best care and make you the most knowledgeable about your choices and investment in dental implants THE BEST replacement option for your teeth.


Why Are Dental Implants So Expensive?


When giving patients options for replacing their teeth, patients will always ask, “What is my cheapest option and what will my dental insurance cover or pay?” There are many options for replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth, but Dental Implants are by far the best option for tooth replacement. Studies going out 30 years still give implants a 95% success rate, which is by far superior to any other option including bridges and partials. When looking at replacing your teeth it is important to stop thinking about it as an “expense” and start thinking about it as an investment. We don’t just use our teeth once a day, we chew, swallow and eat constantly throughout the day so isn’t important that we have reliable teeth that function correctly? Dental Implants allow us to do that.

When looking at the option of Dental Implants versus a Fixed Bridge, Dental Implants are actually only slightly more expensive than a Bridge. Many insurance companies cover portions of the Implant payment, or dictate the fee that in network providers have to charge. Many financing options are also available to make Implants more feasible for patients. We, at Periodontal Specialists, want to give you all of your options and help you make the best decision about replacing your teeth. We want to make sure you make the best investment for your long term dental health goals, and most importantly keep you smiling! So, make an appointment for a Dental Implant consult so we can pull back the curtain on the real “Investment” and not “Expense” that Dental Implants really are.


Should I Have A Periodontist Place My Dental Implants?


We, at Periodontal Specialists, get this question a lot, especially since a lot of general dentists are starting to place more implants. It is important for patients to realize that placing dental implants is not part of the normal general dentist curriculum and very few to none of dental students ever get to place a dental implant before graduation, or ever see one actually placed. Most patients at a dental school that have implants placed either go to the Graduate Periodontal program or to the Graduate Oral Surgery program. Most general dentists get their training in implant dentistry after graduation where they attend weekend courses or classes and get to place around twenty implants before they begin to implement implant placement in their office.

You wouldn’t go to your regular physician for open heart surgery even though they know the anatomy of the area would you?

A Graduate Periodontal program or residency includes three years of training beyond dental school. During that time Periodontal Residents are taught the history, science, healing, and proper placement and management of dental implants. An average Periodontal Resident will place upwards of 100 dental implants during their residency, and are trained to manage surgical complications, including, bleeding, infection, and bone grafting procedures to enhance the success of the procedure.

It now becomes clear why dental implant placement at the Periodontal office might be more expensive than at the general dentists office. Periodontists have more training and are more equipped to provide the success and deal with the complications that may arise when evaluating a patient for implant placement.

Implants are the most successful replacement option for missing teeth and when you are looking at investing your time and money, we at Periodontal Specialists want to make sure you are investing the most educated and empowered. If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, please call your local Kansas City Periodontist for a consultation, you won’t regret it!




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