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Buying a Dental Implant Should Be A Lot Like Buying A Car

There are many manufacturers of dental implants just like there are many manufacturers of cars. It is important as a consumer to do your research and ask your dentist or Periodontist what type of implants they place and what they are familiar with when placing a crown or restoring the implant. There are around 4-5 “major” manufacturers of implants and just like a car they all come with different features and advantages. It is important to discuss with your Periodontist why they place what they place and the history of research that backs up their choice. It is important to know that there are many “off brand” dental implant manufacturers which offer implants at a lower fee to the surgeon and discounted parts. Make sure to know if your surgeon is placing these “off brands” and make sure to tell your surgeon that you want an implant that was made by a reputable company with research to back up their success. Dental implants are as much as an investment as a car is, but unlike a car implants don’t have a warranty, so it is important to ask your surgeon if the implant fails what kind of policies they have to protect you the consumer. We, at Periodontal Specialists, would love to discuss your options with you, talk about the implants we place, and go over our policies if something were to happen to your implant. We strive to provide the best care and make you the most knowledgeable about your choices and investment in dental implants THE BEST replacement option for your teeth.

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