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February is Heart Month

It’s that time of the year when we cherish the ones we love with flowers and candy. All around us are heart shaped boxes and jewelry enticing us to give gifts in appreciation of how much we feel loved.

But don’t you think that our loved ones would want us to make sure we take care of ourselves so that we will be around to love?

Month by month, more and more studies come out linking periodontal disease to cardiovascular, or heart, disease. The mechanisms that create this relationship are becoming more understood in that we know that patients with periodontal disease are at more risk for heart attacks and stroke. Heart attacks are caused by plaques that develop along artery, or blood vessel, walls making it harder for blood to flow to the heart. If those plaques were removed and cultured to find out what was in them, you would find the same bacteria living in those plaques that live in the month and cause periodontal disease. If you have been told that you have “gum disease”, “periodontal disease”, or “pockets” around your teeth it is important that you see a Periodontist for a consult to determine what can be done to control the disease so that we can reduce your risk factors for diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

This month, the best gift you can give your loved ones is a healthy you, a healthy heart, and a healthy mouth! Let Periodontal Specialists help keep you healthy this Valentine’s Day!

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