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Osseous surgery is also known as pocket reduction or pocket correction surgery. It is typically performed after scaling and root planing or “deep cleaning”. Healthy pocket depths are anywhere from 0-3mm and the most we are able to brush and floss and clean into the gums or pocket is only about 1 1/2mm. So, in pockets greater than 3mm it is almost impossible to keep them clean at home. By performing procedures to reduce the pocketing it makes it easier for the patient to keep clean at home. To reduce the pocketing your Kansas City Periodontist will move the gums away from the teeth and bone to get access to the roots of the teeth and bone. The roots of the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected of plaque and calculus or tartar. Any bone that has been altered by disease is then smoothed to help reduce the pocketing.

Bone grafting and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) can be used to stimulate growth of new bone in conjunction with osseous surgery. Bone graft is placed, in areas where there is a gap between the root of the tooth and the bone, or inbetween the roots of the teeth. The bone graft has cells in it that stimulate the body to create and regenerate new bone formation. This increases the height and width of the bone around the tooth, which gives it more support. Bone and gum tissue heal at different rates. Gum tissue heals much faster than bone does. In order to keep the new bone where it is placed during healing, a membrane barrier (GTR) is placed between the bone and gum tissue. This prevents the gum tissue from filling the space where bone was lost and allows the new bone time to grow where it is needed. Both the bone graft and the membrane are absorbed by the body and replaced with your bone and new bone formation around the teeth.

The gums are then sutured or stitched back to the teeth, sometimes at a lower level, now making it easier for the patient and their dental hygienist to keep clean. Ten to fourteen days after the surgery, the remaining sutures are removed and healing of the tissue is evaluated by your Kansas City Periodontist, Dr. Daniel Thomas, Dr. Melissa Combs or Dr. Jonathan Thomas.

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